Take action

You can support HPAD’s campaigning work by:


1) Writing to your professional body to ask them to take a neutral position on assisted dying.


At the moment objections from the British Medical Association and some other professional bodies act as a barrier to legislative change. HPAD believe that this should be a matter for society as a whole to decide, not just a few professional bodies. You can read the case for the neutrality of the royal colleges and other professional bodies here. We can also provide you with information on who to write to within your professional body – just email office@hpad.org.uk.


2) Speaking at meetings of healthcare professionals and recruiting new members.


It is vital that we raise awareness of the campaign, and swell our membership to ensure our voice can’t be ignored. If you would like to speak to colleagues we can provide a speaker’s pack with materials to support you – email office@hpad.org.uk .


3) Writing to your MP or relevant Lords to let them know of your support for the campaign.


To change the law we need our representatives in both houses to speak up and support the campaign in Westminster. It’s vitally important that they know healthcare professionals support the forthcoming Bill which will be introduced this year.

We can provide a list of Lords to write to and help with letter writing – email office@hpad.org.uk


HPAD has been acting to make sure that it is widely known that, contrary to the impression given by some representative bodies, there is a diversity of views on assisted dying among healthcare professionals. We also believe it is important that health care professionals are involved constructively in the development of any law and codes of practice.

  • We submitted evidence to the Commission on Assisted dying in 2011 which you can read here.
  • We also submitted evidence to the 2012 consultation on a draft assisted dying bill which you can read here.